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Father and daughter, turned business partners

Local Woodstock resident and owner of Southern Sky Home, Bill Grace, and his daughter Sarah had been dreaming up a new store concept — one that complimented the product line of their existing store, while providing a more globally-inspired, curated perspective with an emphasis on one-of-a-kind items and sustainability. Bill and Sarah’s mutual appreciation for world travel, interior design, dogs, and environmental consciousness provided roots for a new concept. 

Family growth that inspired business growth

Their newest family members, Liam (Bill’s first grandchild, Sarah’s nephew), and Lana, Bill’s Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, served as a source of inspiration and guiding light for the brand. Liam & Lana are not only representative of their benevolence for the next generation, but act as a nod to the family and pet-friendly aspect to many of their products. Bringing ‘comfort,’ with our livable modern upholstery, and ‘curiosities,’ with our one-of-a-kind artisan goods from around the world, we provide a unique mix of products that are casual, comfortable, and best of all, bring authenticity to your home.

A special trip that brought the vision together

Bill’s countless travels to India and beyond as a merchant over the years provided an inspirational spark when developing the brand and product line. He felt the connections he made and resources he gathered had a greater purpose. Bringing Sarah to India for the first time in 2022, she was equally smitten with the culture, colors, handicraft items, textiles and history. Their collaborative journey to the other side of the world was the catalyst for development of an exclusive collection of products for Liam & Lana.